Japanese Oriental Fusion

Japanese Oriental Fusion

What is Japanese-Oriental Fusion

Japanese-Oriental Fusion, commonly known as Wa Belly in Japan, is a unique and creative style of fusion dance that combines elements of Middle Eastern Bellydance with traditional Japanese Classic dance NIHONBUYO

This fusion dance style blends the aesthetics, movements, and cultural elements of those dance genres in a way that respects and integrates both.

NIHONBUYO, is a Japanese Classical Dance, a traditional art form rooted in Kabuki theatre dance techniques that has been practiced for over a few hundreds of centuries. What captures attention in NIHONBUYO is the graceful and precise movements. It is beautifully accentuated by the traditional kimono attire. It offers a glimpse into Japanese culture’s core values like decorum, modesty, and gratitude, all expressed through how a person carries themselves in a kimono.

Japanese-Oriental Fusion “Wa Belly” by Ribo

Ribo has been studying Wa Belly by YUUMI from Tokyo, who is one of the dedicated dancers to establish the fusion genre in Japan. YUUMI has trained NIHONBUYO academically and is still expanding her knowledge and seeking possibilities of Wa Belly. Ribo has strong influence and is inspired by her creations.

Ribo’s Japanese-Oriental Fusion allows her to link her Japanese origins with her love and respect for the arts of the Middle East, which is thoughtfully and respectfully blended together to create a unique art

Her fusion results in a visually captivating and culturally diverse performance that tells stories or conveys emotions with a sensuality and grace. Costumes and music choices often reflect the fusion of these two cultures as well, creating a harmonious and intriguing experience for the audience. 

Most recently, she won first place in the Fusion category in an International Festival “Oriental Dance Meeting” in 2023. She returns to the event in 2024 as a Fusion master teacher and a competition judge in the ODM festival in Spain.

Ribo’s Esprit towards Fusion Bellydance

I love and respect traditions from various cultures, especially music and dances. They are among the most beautiful things in the world that I find the most fascinating, curious and excited for.

I tend to be more of an old-fashioned, classic loving person. I believe that it is essential to know the tradition of how our ancestors shaped and preserved their philosophies over time.

Traditions naturally evolve from generation to generation, and introducing new ideas can sometimes face criticism. Overly protecting traditions can limit their ability to adapt and continue, narrowing the path to passing it on.

I believe that there are many ways to “transmit tradition” without rejecting new concepts or outsiders. None of them are entirely correct, or entirely wrong as long as we respect the core beliefs and values of the tradition.

When I introduce different cultures in my creations, I approach it with great care

I study, observe, listen and interact, taste their food, smell and feel the air

Appreciate and respect both/all genres that I am making fusion, because chaotic melange could easily become an insult or offensive to others.

Creating Fusion Art while learning about history, cultural elements, people’s lives and philosophy without clinging too tightly to old traditions of “how things SHOULD BE”, is actually very challenging. Yet, that is what makes Fusion Art very interesting. It requires lifelong commitment of learning and it is worth it!

I’m still trying to figure out my role in this world, but one thing is certain:

I am proud to be an oriental dancer, who came from “The Land of the Rising Sun” – Japan.