Oriental dance

What is Raks Sharqi / Oriental Dance?

Raqs Sharqi, which literally means “Oriental Dance” in Arabic, is one of the most ancient dance forms originating from Egypt. It has a rich and diverse history.Ā 

This dance style evolved to the style of today in the early to mid-20th century, mixing traditional Egyptian dances and folklore while incorporating elements from jazz and classical ballet techniques. This blend created a more graceful and expressive style with dynamic use of space for artistic performances.Ā 

This dance form is deeply rooted in Middle Eastern culture and has a long history of artistic development in Egypt and the wider Arabic world.Ā 

It continues to be practiced and valued for its beauty, artistry, and cultural significance today all over the world.

Oriental Dance by Ribo

Ribo has been learning Oriental Dance for 15 years, under the learning of renowned master teachers from around the world. She continues to expand her knowledge, presenting Golden Era classics to modern cabaret style, as well as folklores.Ā 

She enjoys collaborating with live musicians, especially improvisational sessions with Darbuka.

As an artist, she continues to enchant audiences with her dedication and a deep love for the mesmerising world of Oriental Dance.